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Make Decisions, Not Excuses

by Celia Leveridge.

Every decision I make is the right one for me ~ Louise Hay.

This is quite a feat to state that every decision I make is the right one for me.  What can we interpret from what Louise has said?

We can spend a lot of time procrastinating and pondering issues in our life before we actually make a decision - if we manage to make a decision at all.  No one wants to make a ‘wrong’ decision and this can make us escape or take flight from making any decisions, freeze and stay stuck, or submit to the advice of others who are persuading us according to their values.  This leads to a situation of not taking responsibility for ourselves, remaining stuck, a multitude of excuses or ultimately blaming others who influenced us when things didn’t turn out as planned.

The truth is there are no wrong decisions, only healing ones.  This means that the decisions you make will either be right or they will be healing so you can’t make a ‘wrong’ decision.  All that will happen is a healing lesson will come your way, you will experience an insight or find a solution to an issue in your life.  Isn’t this a preferable situation rather than make no decision and remain stuck?  By not making a decision you also make a decision.  The universe never stands still so whatever you do, including not doing anything at all, will have a consequence.

In order to make decisions that will align you with a more satisfying life, it is important to establish your values and honour them.  When you make choices that bring you closer to what is important to you, it is a move in the right direction every time.  By taking responsibility and getting clear on the areas of life that are important, you lose that feeling that life is just ‘happening’ to you and you then become captain of your life ship.

If you find your decision making thoughts are going around in circles, try clearing clutter in your workspace and home.  It helps to clear your space because you do have an energetic relationship with your belongings.  Clutter represents indecision and gets in the way of clear thinking.

If you want to uncover the specific reasons why you struggle to make decisions, Kinesiology can be very helpful. It will also clear the energetic pathway to positive decision making.  Kinesiology will help you overcome limiting beliefs and fears that get in your way when trying to make decisions in line with your values.

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