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Delay Dementia

by Victoria Thomas.

Currently there are a lot of stories and information in the media about dementia. We would like to offer you some clarification.


  • Is really a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the Brain.
  • Affects thinking, behaviour, and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Eventually it affects the brain function to the point that it changes a person's normal social or working life
  • Can happen to anyone, however its more common for people over 65 years old. People in their 40s and 50s are increasingly being diagnosed, so younger onset dementia is becoming more prevalent
  • Most cases are not inherited, however this depends upon the cause. A medical diagnosis will determine what type a person has.

You may sometimes forget where the keys are, or why you entered a room.  This doesn't mean that you necessarily have dementia.  There are other possible reasons:

  • some vitamin or hormone deficiencies
  • depression
  • medication clashes or over medication
  • infections
  • brain tumours

The early signs of dementia may include:

  • progressive and frequent memory loss
  • confusion or easily flustered
  • personality change
  • apathy and withdrawal
  • loss of ability to perform everyday tasks or learn something new

You really need a thorough assessment to determine your risk and diagnosis.

At the Healing Rooms we are inviting people who are concerned, to have an assessment completed which includes pathology tests, and cognitive assessments. We have so much to share with you to delay the onset of symptoms, so make an appointment to see Victoria our Nurse Practitioner, as the initial consult is bulk billed.  Come to our educational talk on Preventing and Delaying the onset of Dementia that will be held in August.

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