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Homeopathic First Aid

by Antoinette Bozanic.

When I started to study naturopathy I had no idea about homeopathy, I had heard of it but really never knew much about it at all.  During my course we were able to choose an elective subject and were provided with homeopathy and massage therapy, my option was to do massage therapy but unfortunately it was based on what everyone else in my class chose as well and the majority had opted for homeopathy.  Initially the lack of knowledge for this modality didn’t really inspire me much but the lecturer I had was a UK trained homeopath and it was into the semester of classes when she started speaking about planetary remedies that suddenly my attention was caught.  Having recently started my own spiritual journey and becoming aware that we were multidimensional beings and everything was energy, hearing suddenly that there were remedies called Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto really sparked an interest and after that I couldn’t get enough of homeopathy, so much so that I completed naturopathy and enrolled into a homeopathy course.

As a part of this subject, the very last class we had was about making our own homeopathic first aid kits, so a class full of women mostly, sat around in a circle and within a five hour lesson we had our own kits with twenty two remedies.  I am still using this kit and am now able to refill any of the vials that are emptied, which is fantastic but I never realised how often I would refer to this kit since making it.  The way I see it now is that I have access to my very own apothecary and this strongly relates to how I was raised.  My parents grew up on an island in the Adriatic Sea and they didn’t have access to a doctor on that island, so if anything changed with their health, it was the local apothecary, with dried herbs as well as some pharmaceuticals, or they travelled on a ferry to the mainland for three to four hours to get medical assistance.  So the culture they grew up in was one where the elders of the community were highly regarded and knowledgeable for information that may assist in natural based medicine.  Much of this information was passed down from generation to generation and it included herbs and nutrition, I remember moments when I was really young when mum would address many of my upset tummies with chamomile tea that she grew in our backyard in South Australia that she had dried out or when I would come down with a cold she would make chicken soup.

As a community here in Australia, the wise old women are not regarded in this same way unfortunately and many of us resort to over the counter products for ailments but how many times has something come up, when it was outside the hours of the local business?  I know for myself it has been late in the evenings, where thankfully, all I had to do was grab my kit and was able to address much that was coming up for me.  The beauty of a homeopathic first aid kit is that it can be customised to what you or your family are generally prone to – coughs, colds, tummy aches, headaches, sprains, strains – having a small and compact little kit can really come in handy when you have an upset child or adult.  I’ve had many parents that initially struggled picking the remedies for their kit but have often come up to me later grateful that they had it on hand in the obscure hours that they needed it.  We can never truly know when and what we will be hit with next when it comes to our health but being well trained, equipped and provisioned is key in addressing most everyday ailments in that moment.


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