Antoinette Bozanic - Naturopath, Homœopath

Antoinette Bozanic has an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and an Advanced Diploma in Homœopathy.  She has a great interest in the mind body connection with health, in particular with vibrational medicines, and she uses flower essences and/or homœopathy to work with the emotional and mental aspects of dis-ease.  She also brings in her Naturopathic training combining vibrational medicines with herbs and nutrition.

Her journey started when she was doing a Cert IV in Life Coaching back in 2012, she got in touch with a connection she had to plants and how they were used for healing, this lead to her study in Naturopathy.  She could really see how coaching, nutrition and herbs were all interconnected, and it was through studying Naturopathy emanated the connection to vibrational medicines.

Naturopathy is a system of medicine that looks at an individual as a whole and blends both an ancient system of healing as well as modern medicine to treat the cause and not the symptoms. 

Scientists have always thought the concept of life force and healing energy as confusing and controversial but now the scientists and energy healers are making discoveries where their breakthroughs in their respective fields are starting to converge.  Medicine's approach of drugs and surgery looks at the body as a complex machine, whereas the human being is a multidimensional organism made up of cellular systems with complex energy fields - vibrational medicine works on these energy fields in the human body.  Quantum physics and the concept of quantum mechanics recognises that everything is energy and works on a molecular level with cells, it is here that biological dysfunctions take place.  The movement of life force and subtle energy patterns in cellular systems therefore can improve with various vibrational medicines such as flower essences and homœopathy in association with other medicines, to address body function and potentially work on dis-ease.

Vibrational Medicines

The development of flower essences was pioneered by Dr Edward Bach and homœopathy was pioneered by Samuel Hahnemann, they were used to balance mental and emotional energies of patients that were predisposed to various issues, both at the physical level and subtle levels of human functioning.  The medical establishment has always thought that the mind threatens the legitimacy of illness, making it unscientific and they were separated back in the seventeenth century.  Our mental and emotional health effect how we stay healthy or become ill, on every cell there is a molecule found on the surface to sense vibrations, allowing information to enter the cell through a resonance transfer.  By matching the predominant physical and character traits of the patient to the flower or homœopathic, the therapeutic properties of that specific plant/remedy act as a catalyst to healing. 

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