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Gut Health

By Naturopath Kim Minos.   In natural medicine the gut is the area where  most effect can be had on the health of the body. Through the gut we digest food and absorb nutrients from our food to keep us strong and healthy.

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Eczema & Rashes

By Dr Jenna.   There are many causes for skin rashes, you can have acute or chronic dermatitis.  Acute is usually short lived and caused by an immediate contact.  Chronic is long lasting and occurs from prolonged exposure.  Rashes can be caused by allergies to external or internal causes, contact with certain things causes dermatitis and they can be caused by diseases.  Rashes derive from stress as well and it is estimated that over 50% of rashes are secondary to stress and at...

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Food Allergies & Sensitivities

By Naturopath Kim Minos.   So many people have low level food sensitivities which manifest as allergy type symptoms. Allergies and sensitivities are similar in effect although they come from different parts of the immune system. If you are having reflux, bloating, constipation or indigestion, chances are you have food allergies.

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Bowen Therapy & Allergies

by Jenny Parker. Little known, is that Bowen Therapy can help to alleviate allergy symptoms. By improving circulation and lymphatic processes within the body.  Bowen Therapy innately improves the immune system of the body and reduces the reaction of antigens to foreign allergens.  Bowen is thoroughly effective in the reduction of hay fever symptoms and the long term prevention of over reactive allergic processes.

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