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Acupuncture - Japanese versus Chinese

By Marianne Kornaat. In order to be in control of what you really want is great, but in order to have control, you need to have knowledge to discern the variables, so you can make the best decision.

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Embracing Self & Others

by Jen Taylor. Many temptations in the world can take us away from our natural right of honouring the sacred vessel in which we live.  It is actually the only place we really have to live. 

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Are You Living the Life You Desire?

by Karen Chin. Living a life based on other people’s opinions or beliefs can leave a big impact mentally emotionally and neurologically. 

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Knowing Self

By Linda Koen. The integration of knowing self (the real you) cannot come from a place of mental knowledge, it is through inner experience and the daily application of refinement that we can truly know self.  

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Kids Health Event

Come and book an appointment - $30 for 30 minutes.

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