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Gut Health

By Naturopath Kim Minos.   In natural medicine the gut is the area where  most effect can be had on the health of the body. Through the gut we digest food and absorb nutrients from our food to keep us strong and healthy.

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By Linda Koen. Much research has been done and books written recently about the connection between our emotions and thoughts and the affect they can have on our overall health and wellbeing.  A friend studying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) once told me the liver was the organ of life, the state of health of the liver reflects a willingness to embrace life and the attitude held towards life.  By embracing life and all it offers with inner resilience, hope, creativity, joy and...

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Relationship of the liver and blood in Chinese Medicine

By Marianne Kornaat. In Chinese medicine the liver is responsible for the circulation and the smooth movement of the body’s internal qi. People with a healthy liver are calm, make decisions easily and are stress-free.  The liver stores emotional issues we have not dealt with, so it can be the home of anger and frustration.  It is also the home of mood.  When the liver is not functioning well, or the qi is trapped or forced up, we can experience physical and emotional...

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Fatty Liver Disease

By Dr Jenna. I have chosen to focus on fatty liver disease as it is becoming an epidemic around the world and especially in Australia. Fatty liver occurs when triglyceride globules get caught in the liver cells, this process of accumulation of triglycerides is called steatosis. Fatty liver can cause inflammation in the liver that starts down the same path as alcoholic liver disease and this is called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Because of this factor, fatty liver disease cannot be considered...

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