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The Journey of Menapause

by Dr Jenna

I thought I would focus a bit on the transition into menopause as we had a lot of interest in this topic from our talk this month, so I felt to share some of the material.


By Dr Elinor van Ommen.

Being indecisive about what we want can leave us feeling very stuck, and this ‘stuck-ness’ creates a great deal of disharmony psychologically, physically and emotionally. Often, feeling indecisive about what we want relates to being disconnected from who we really are and being somewhat uncomfortable in the self.  It is often related to feelings of low self worth and internal thoughts and dialogue along the line of – I don’t deserve to have what I want.

The Cycle of Growth and [...]

by Jenny Parker.

Working proactively with the cycle of growth and learning is an important practise that we need to apply in our daily lives to progress on the path towards heart mastery.  Michael King ( has delineated three phases in this cycle - the realisation, integration and actualisation phase.  

The Origins of the Five [...]

By Marianne Kornaat.

The Five Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, each element is found in the cycles of nature, rhythms of the day and year.  Each Element also has corresponding physical characteristics, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses that shape each individuals overall health and way of being with the world.  


By Marianne Kornaat.

Shonishin is a gentle Japanese technique that has been used to treat children for hundreds of years.  Japanese folklore tells that the Moon Fairies handed the knowledge down to people here on earth to use on children and for this reason Shonishin is also practiced around the full moon as a preventative treatment for children’s immunity and wellbeing.

Manifesting Joy

by Jen Taylor.

I love the art of manifesting and seeing the signs from the universe and nature, when in the flow of alignment.  Like the flock of 11 birds dancing through the sky as I had the inspiration to write this article.

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