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Celia - Our New Kinesiologist

Introducing Celia Leveridge, our new kinesiologist at The Healing Rooms.

Celia studied at O’Neill Kinesiology College in Perth where she graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. Celia achieved outstanding results and was awarded the 2015 Australian Traditional Medicine Achievement Award.  She addresses general health concerns using Kinesiology techniques to restore wellness and balance.  Most issues have a combination of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual attributes and she believes the holistic nature of Kinesiology is an excellent way to heal these.

Reinette - Our New Bowen [...]

Introducing Reinette Nel, our new bowen therapist at The Healing Rooms.

Reinette is a farm girl from South Africa who found her calling in Australia. A dedicated wife and mum of two beautiful girls, she has transformed her life from the corporate world to one of healing.

The Health of the World

by Dr Jenna

In June I was able to attend an International Integrated Medical Conference in Germany, it was an amazing conference and I felt very inspired by what was shared. There were practitioners form all over the world and all types of modalities. We had presentations from the UN, PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and the European Union to name a few. Countries presented how they were working to bring integrative health into their health systems. There were great success stories from Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and even Britain and there were only a few of us from New Zealand and Australia, I was able to present a post about how The Healing Rooms integrates health care.


By Marianne Kornaat.

Bears in winter go into a cave to hibernate but for us in Australia we don’t do quite the same. According to Chinese medicine, winter is a time of hibernation even if it may be in a different sense of not entering a cave but being more aware of stillness and quiet time. The Chinese say in winter one must go early to bed and rise up late - it makes sense - in winter it’s cold and dark so who really wants to get up in the morning?

The Value of a Mentor

by Jen Taylor.

How do you make real your new vision or create some potential possibility from training that you have embarked on? Here’s where investing in a Mentor helps to keep you on track and accountable with your inspiration, so that you have the best chance of following it through into creation and beyond.

The Magic of Bowen

by Jen Taylor.

With differences in genetic structure and abilities, some people are able to work their body more like a machine whilst others find this task less favourable. Injury, over-work, modern day use of electronic devices and a busy lifestyle can take its toll on the body.

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