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Meditation Workshop

by Lorraine Town. Book your place at our half day workshop by calling us on 9305 9933. We also run meditation courses that run over four consecutive weeks, the next one starting 8th September.

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Showing Kindness to your Liver

by Karen Chin. The liver performs a lot of critical metabolic and digestive processes, here fats are converted into energy or prepared for storage, proteins and other nutrients are transformed into usable form.  The liver cleanses the blood by removing toxins, nutrients and even old blood cells.  All the cells of the body rely upon the liver organ for health and optimal functionality.

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Time Will Heal All

by Dr Jenna One of the qualities of spring can be impatience.  I remember living in snow bound Minnesota just waiting for the snow and ice to melt off the lakes, I would get so impatient that I would launch my kayak into any open water there was and try and break up some more ice.  This was a cold process but seemed easier than watching the snow melt from my coach.

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Coaching & Mentoring with Heart

There is so much more to coaching and mentoring than just a block of 5 or so sessions to achieve a goal, or a tool for when you have an issue or challenge to overcome.  It can be a way of life that encompasses an evolving and growing relationship where both the coach/mentor and you commit to your growth and evolution towards being the best that you can be.

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Gently Nurturing Yourself

by Lorraine Town. It is interesting how at this time of the year when the days are shorter and the nights colder, that it is natural for us to be slightly more indrawn than during the hurley burley of the warmer and more social months.  At this time we can be a little more introspective, experience a sense of less energy as the body adapts to the colder weather and perhaps at times, be more aware of our own needs physically, emotionally,...

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