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Gut Health

By Naturopath Kim Minos   In natural medicine the gut is the area where  most effect can be had on the health of the body. Through the gut we digest food and absorb nutrients from our food to keep us strong and healthy.

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by Dr Jenna Since this newsletter is about gut health I thought I would talk about digestion itself.  Many people do not understand how and where the body digests food.  The process of digestion actually begins with sight and smell.  When we smell and see food it makes us salivate which produces saliva.  This wets our mouth making it ready for the food.  When we actually eat that food the saliva is mixed with the food while we chew.  This is where starch is...

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Bowen Technique

by Jenny Parker. The Bowen Technique can make a significant difference in helping to restore digestive health. Here’s how…

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Yoga & Meditation can help Digestive Health

By Patti McBain. Yoga and meditation can assist us to calm down as they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system or the ‘rest and digest’ system which helps improve gut health. When we are calmer our digestive system relaxes and this supports proper digestion and elimination.  Yoga and meditation can also help us improve our awareness to better listen to our body’s needs and make wiser choices of what and when and how we eat and drink.  It helps give us the presence...

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What's On...

Food Matters Is BACK - FREE Event

Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

Notice  due the  success of our last food matters information sessions and numerous request from patients we will be conducting another food matters evening on Friday 26th July at 7.15 pm. This is a FREE information session on how you can improve your health and wellbeing which will include a film about food and yummy healthy snacks.


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