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Gut Health

By Naturopath Kim Minos.   In natural medicine the gut is the area where  most effect can be had on the health of the body. Through the gut we digest food and absorb nutrients from our food to keep us strong and healthy.

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Eating too much & Acupuncture

By Marianne Kornaat. Acupuncture is a therapy based on different meridians that run through our body, each meridian has a different function and each meridian has certain acupuncture points.  An acupuncturist can activate these points with needles to help certain ailments. The stomach meridian travels from head to toe and crosses the chest abdomen and pelvic organs.  One of the main functions of the stomach is to convert food and water into postnatal qi (food essence).  The quality and the ample supply of...

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Bowen Therapy & Life Coaching

by Jenny Parker. This time of the year has the potential to be such a joyful time with family, friends, holidays, presents and yummy food.  It can be an enriching experience where we come together to share, care and express our love for each and other.  During this busy period we tend to travel more, eat more, drink more and buy more than any other occasion of the year and the demands we place upon ourselves can lead to a stressful state...

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Optimal Wellness

By Naturopath Kim Minos. Our theme at the Healing Rooms this month is Optimal Wellness and how we can achieve this. Well actually our theme at the clinic is optimal wellness every month but we felt we would like to highlight various areas of optimal wellness for you this month in particular as we head into the season of spring with new cycles of life regenerating. Spending time being in nature can be a wonderful way of connecting deeper with ourselves and re-assessing what...

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What's On...

'Hungry For Change' A Food and Health Information Evening

Tuesday 11th November at 7.00 pm

Ditch diets, conquer cravings and eat your way to lifelong health.  Come along and join us to be inspired to spring clean your diet and enjoy a summer bursting with vitality, learn how to stay motivated with new choices. You will receive a warm welcome and some healthy delicious snacks inspired by the movie Hungry For Change.

Call reception on 93059933 to reserve you place as seating is limited.

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