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Overlooking Positive Points [...]

by Karen Chin.

Have you ever noticed what you place your focus on?

Ever wondered how you can get so fixated on something that you can’t see an alternative solution?

Whatever you focus on is generally what you see in life!

Celia - Our New Kinesiologist

Introducing Celia Leveridge, our new kinesiologist at The Healing Rooms.

Celia studied at O’Neill Kinesiology College in Perth where she graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. Celia achieved outstanding results and was awarded the 2015 Australian Traditional Medicine Achievement Award.  She addresses general health concerns using Kinesiology techniques to restore wellness and balance.  Most issues have a combination of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual attributes and she believes the holistic nature of Kinesiology is an excellent way to heal these.

Reinette - Our New Bowen [...]

Introducing Reinette Nel, our new bowen therapist at The Healing Rooms.

Reinette is a farm girl from South Africa who found her calling in Australia. A dedicated wife and mum of two beautiful girls, she has transformed her life from the corporate world to one of healing.

Your Best Interests at Heart

by Jen Taylor.

What is it that bothers you?  A problem or issue that could really be worthy of attention.  Something which feels annoying or is even more compelling and having a destructive effect on your health or relationships?  Perhaps it comes as a quiet whisper or a deeper nagging feeling?  Have you been tucking it away, seeing if it could magically disappear?  Hoping that tomorrow will be the day and yet, as each day evolves, the problem and the discomfort is still there.

Stop Running & Do Some [...]

By Reinette Nel.

So, you are driving along in your car, when suddenly you hear a clickety-clack noise.  Or maybe that noise has been there for a while, but today, because it’s cold, it’s a bit louder and more insistent.  What do you do?

Do you ignore it or do you decide that it’s time you ask a mechanic to look at it?  Maybe he can tell you not to worry, or maybe your car just needs oil and he can quickly do it for you?  What will happen if you keep ignoring it and keep on driving, day after day, after day?  Of course it will break down and we both know it will most likely happen at the most inconvenient time.  The day you have your interview for that job that you really, really want!  Or maybe even on your wedding day or Year 12 exam!  No, you know it’s best to let someone have a look and fix it now, rather than wait and then you have to fork out even more money and you might be without a car for a week or two.

Make Decisions, Not Excuses

by Celia Leveridge.

Every decision I make is the right one for me ~ Louise Hay.

This is quite a feat to state that every decision I make is the right one for me.  What can we interpret from what Louise has said?

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