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Immunity Herbs & Spices

by Antoinette Bozanic.

The Immune System is an advanced communication system that synchronises its responses with cells and organs to defend the body.  It remembers diseases it has come across before and is able to defend the body with this information and in an emergency it triggers an immediate response through secretions and cells.  When it malfunctions, it can start to attack itself, leading to an autoimmune response or disease.  

Family & Your Immunity

by Karen Chin.

The immune system is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to defend the body against things such as viruses, bacteria and any foreign invaders.

Taking Responsibility

By Marianne Kornaat.

We as parents are responsible for the well-being of our children. Helping children to our best ability can be very confusing and the fast pace of our lives does not help!

Loving & Creating Change

by Jen Taylor.

What is it that you would really love to change in your life?

Water Works

by Dr Jenna

We are truly into winter and this time of year is the water element in traditional Chinese medicine, so of course the organs that correspond to this are the kidneys and bladder. For this newsletter I would like to focus on the kidneys, as they are one of our main detoxification centres, are about the size of your fist and sit in the back of your abdomen between the ribs and pelvis.

The Journey of Menapause

by Dr Jenna

I thought I would focus a bit on the transition into menopause as we had a lot of interest in this topic from our talk this month, so I felt to share some of the material.

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