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Ann - Our New Acupuncturist

Introducing Ann Heitman, our new acupuncturist at The Healing Rooms. Ann grew up on the family farm at Mingenew near Geraldton.  After finishing high school in Perth she lived in Japan for 12 month as a Rotary Exchange Student.  It was here that her love for the Japanese culture and acupuncture commenced.

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What Summer is About

By Marianne Kornaat. One of Chinese Medicine’s most ancient texts, the Huangdi Neijing, tells us to enjoy and indulge in everything that is outside of our body.  Spend time outside, hike, stroll, eat al fresco, socialise, make new friends, go out dancing and laugh loudly.  That’s what summer is about!

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Joy with Bowen

by Jen Taylor. Bowen Therapy assists the body to reclaim feelings of lightness and joy throughout the body.  By releasing points of tension throughout the physical body, a feeling of lightness with reduction and elimination of pain can be experienced.  By also affecting both the emotional and mental bodies, this powerful combination results in a sense of Joy and Harmony being restored.

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Why Aren't We All in a State of Joy?

by Karen Chin. "As I learn to love myself I can feel the love and joy from my own heart flow through my body and radiate out to others” – Louise Hay.

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Keeping Your Cool

by Dr Jenna We are focusing on the heart this month and I thought I would focus on blood pressure as we have quite an epidemic of high blood pressure these days.  This reflects our busy lifestyle and fast food choices, many of the choices we make every day effects our blood pressure.

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