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Educational Talk 5

by Dr Jennifer Cornell. Book your seats for our fifth educational talk Thursday 18th June, please call us on 9305 9933.

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Grief & Loss

by Linda Koen. There are situations in life we cannot be prepared for and seem to be out of our depth, for example grief and loss is something that happens to all of us – jobs, relationships and lives end – these all have an impact on us.  Often we are distraught when things end as we don’t know how to use these situations and extreme feelings to heal and become more integrated and whole, learning to live in a new way. ...

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

By Marianne Kornaat. Acupuncture and everything that falls under the umbrella of Chinese medicine, including herbs, cupping and moxibustion, is designed as a medicine of prevention of disease.  Instead of waiting until you get sick, the acupuncturist’s task in the ancient times was to help balance people’s systems so one was better equipped to fight off disease and stay healthy.

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Bowen Therapy to assist Immunity

by Jen Taylor. Bowen Therapy can assist the body’s immunity defences, it does this by reducing stress hormones and stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins.  This powerful combination orchestrates the body, mind and spirit into functioning well, enabling it to more efficiently resist bugs and infections.

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Kinesiology helps strengthen the Immune System

by Karen Chin. How can Kinesiology help strengthen the immune system and alleviate asthma or allergies? Is your immune system weakened due to ill-health or stress? Do you suffer from hay fever or another allergy? Do you suffer from asthma? Would you like to ensure you have a strong immune system to avoid colds and flu?

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