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Late Summer Early Autumn

By Marianne Kornaat. Late Summer is arriving and already we are noticing the sun is coming up just slightly later in the mornings.  Autumn is the time when energy turns its course back to the earth.  After a glorious summer where all the energy just expands and expands, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) terms the yang as abundant, it is now the time when the yin energy starts getting a turn again. 

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Transformation Essential Oil

Transformation Essential Oil is stimulating to the conscious and unconscious mind, its spice and citrus aroma is uplifting to the mind and spirit.  It supports in times of transition and is an excellent blend if you are making a lot of changes emotionally or physically.  It will also help animals if they are going through these changes.  This oil helps release emotional patterning or traumatic experiences that are stored on a cellular level and it will help release old beliefs and...

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National Epilepsy Month

by Jen Taylor. March is National Epilepsy Month and Bowen Therapy has been studied in the treatment of Epilepsy.  It has been found to be beneficial in helping reduce the number and intensity of seizures.  Bowen is a dynamic therapy which quickly assists the neurological pathways to re-balance.

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Living without Financial Stress

by Deb Seaton. In society today there is a definite stigma about people who are in financial difficulties. The repercussions of this stigma can cause feelings of failure and embarrassment.  Some suffer and worry in private while trying to figure out how to resolve the situation.  Some try to avoid and deny it by not opening bills or even hiding them.  Financial difficulties can cause many problems and we can feel helpless and not know where to turn to next.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

  by Lorraine Town. These inner processes go hand in hand as self-empowering tools, which greatly enhance and expand our awareness and capacity to live a full and harmonious life, centered and fully present in each moment.  Mindfulness is an ancient practice, found in a wide range of spiritual and religious traditions.  The reason being, that the inner journey of meditation can greatly enhance our daily life and the more familiar we become with the inner space of kindness and compassion toward oneself,...

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What's On...

Educational Series Talk 4

Thursday 21st May at 7.30 pm

Come to our next Educational Talk and listen to Lorraine Town talk about The Power of the Human Spirit to Heal.  Our human body is an incredibly complex and sensitive organism, constantly seeking to heal itself, to restore balance and wellbeing.

Call reception on 9305 9933 to reserve you place as seating is limited, entry is $5 with drinks and nibbles provided.

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