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Marianne Kornaat - Acupuncturist

Marianne will be relocating to Yanchep Medical Centre - 1/5 Village Row, The Village, Yanchep - you can make appointments by calling 9562 8100.

Marianne holds a bachelor's degree in acupuncture, she furthered her studies with an internship in Japan and there she gained specialised knowledge about a less invasive, less painful from of needling.  Under the guidance of several well-known Japanese acupuncturists she enhanced her diagnostic skills of stagnation and blockages of energy flow (qi).  She also familiarised herself with meridian therapy, moxibustion and palpatation techniques, which she uses in her practice.
Marianne Kornaat, a Dutch/Australian national was born in Hong Kong, where she spent her childhood emerged in Chinese culture. As an adult she lived in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. For the past 17 years she has settled in Perth. 

Prior to joining The Healing rooms, she worked in a Health clinic in Joondalup for four years. She has treated young people with trauma under the supervision of physicians in the trauma and spinal ward at Shenton Park Rehabilitation Centre and currently lectures acupuncture at the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine.

Marianne has also studied cranial sacral therapy and can offer this therapy with acupressure (needle free acupuncture) for people who are scared of needles.


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